Production Status

Listed below are the Production Status of all projects that have reached the 'Queued For Production' Status.

Production Status Defined:

  • Queued For Production: InterMountain has placed a Purchase Order for production.  These projects have been scheduled with the factories, but have not yet started active production.
  • In-Production: These projects are currently in the process of being manufactured.  
  • In-Transit: These projects have left the factory and are in transit to our facility in Colorado.  Typically, when a project reaches the In-Transit status, we receive them in about 4-6 weeks.
HO General Service Drop Bottom Gondolas Queued For Production
HO PS-1 50' Double Door Boxcar Queued For Production
HO PS-1 50' Single Door Boxcar Queued For Production
N Bi-Level Autoracks Queued For Production
HO Milwaukee Road Rib Side Boxcars Queued For Production
HO 19,600 Gallon Tank Cars Queued For Production
HO Value Line 14-Panel Coalporters Queued For Production
HO Centralia Car Shops NE-5 Cabooses Queued For Production