N 4750 Cubic Foot Rib-Sided 3-Bay Hopper - Sand's of Iowa
InterMountain Railway Company

N 4750 Cubic Foot Rib-Sided 3-Bay Hopper - Sand's of Iowa

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Pullman-Standard began producing the 4750 covered hopper in 1972.  In production throughout the 70's and 80's, the car has proven to be one of the most popular freight car designs in the history of Pullman Standard with over 56,000 cars produced.  The primary use for these cars is hauling all types of grain including corn, wheat, barley, and feed grains for livestock. These shipments can be as small as a single car up to solid unit trains destined for large production facilities or Ocean Ports for export.  Additionally, the car is used to handle commodities such as dry chemicals including Bentonite, Potash, and Soda Ash. Wearing a tremendous variety of paint schemes and colors, the bulk of these cars are still in service today and can be seen throughout North America on Class 1's, Regionals, and shortlines alike.  

Features Sharp Painting and Lettering, Etched Metal Roofwalks, Wire Details with Metal Wheelsets and Operating  Knuckle Couplers