N 5277 Cu. Ft Boxcars - CSX
N 5277 Cu. Ft Boxcars - CSX
InterMountain Railway Company

N 5277 Cu. Ft Boxcars - CSX

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The Pullman Standard 5277 boxcar has been a fixture on North American railroads for over five decades.  The versatile car has worn many different and colorful paint schemes throughout its service history as many railroads purchased the car new while others inherited them through mergers and acquisitions.  While larger capacity cars, such as the 50 and 60 foot high cube cars, have replaced the 5277 in many shipping assignments, the car can still be found in all types of service including canned goods, finished products such as furniture, paper and lumber products, bricks and other aggregate-based finishing products, and general freight.  The 5277 can be found on shortlines, regionals, and Class 1's alike as they continue to provide the service for which they were intended; transporting freight safely and efficiently in a closed, protected environment.    
  • Etched Metal Roofwalks
  • Sharp Painting and Lettering
  • Equipped with InterMountain Metal Wheelsets and Knuckle Couplers