Tier 4 GEVO Locomotive - Navajo Mine Railroad
InterMountain Railway Company

Tier 4 GEVO Locomotive - Navajo Mine Railroad

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The officially licensed GE ET44 'Tier 4 GEVO' continues our tradition of excellence in this series of modern GE built locomotives.  This model features finely molded parts, railroad specific details, prototype based color representation with laser sharp painting and printing including the numerous miniature labels accurately represented.  Our Tier 4 drive is smooth, heavy (approx. 1.6 lbs) and powerful.

Operating LED lighting includes:

  • Front headlight
  • Correct scale sized front ditch lights
  • Correct scale sized rear ditch lights (road name specific)
  • Rear headlight
  • Number boards
  • Front & rear walkway lights
  • Correct scale sized front and rear RED DPU lights on Canadian National units.

Sound locomotives are factory equipped with ESU® LokSound® 5 DCC sound decoders featuring accurately recorded Tier 4 GEVO sounds played through dual 'sugar cube' type speakers.

This second release features the GE modified 'angled exhaust' version for all roads except Navajo Mine Railroad, which received the 'square exhaust' for their two units.

Locomotives produced under license from the General Electric Company