July 2021 Announcements

Available Now! HO 1958 Cubic Foot Hopper Cars

Fourteen road names of the HO 1958 cubic foot hopper car are now ready to ship.  Each of the road names feature multiple road numbers.  Five of the releases are the closed side version, while nine have open sides.  These are attractive, prototypical-appearing models of various decorative schemes.  Quantities are limited, so be sure to get yours fast.  (Note: The Santa Fe version has the same road numbers as the previous production run.)

Advance Reservation! 4750 Cubic Foot Hopper Cars

New Advance Reservations are due by September 30th for ten paint schemes of this model in  both HO and N scale.  With this release, more than 130 paint schemes have been applied to this model by InterMountain Railway Company.  Eight of the paint schemes are being offered for the first time!  These cars are till in service carrying dry loads in interchange operation across North America.  All releases offer six prototypical road numbers, except for Rocky Mountain Brokerage which owns only five cars.  These models will be equipped with InterMountain metal wheels and metal knuckle couplers.

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