September 2022 Announcements

NOW SHIPPING - R-70-15 Refrigerator Cars

Nine paint schemes of the HO R-70-15 Refrigerator cars are now ready for shipping.  Each of the schemes is offered with six road numbers so it will be easy for modelers of this era to build a large consist.  These colorful models are all equipped with metal operating couplers, InterMountain Precision Wheelsets, and laser sharp decoration.

NOW SHIPPING - 12 Panel 40ft. Boxcars

There are 10 paint schemes available in thee elegantly decorated boxcars, each featuring six road numbers.  All of these models are sharply decorated and equipped with InterMountain Precision Wheelsets and metal operating couplers.

ADVANCED RESERVATION - Procor Pressure Flow Hoppers

There are eight paint schemes in this run announced for reservation, three of which are being offered by InterMountain for the first time.  Four road numbers are available for each item.  Sharpley decorated, multi-colored bodies and outstanding logos are available!  Each model is finely detailed with etched metal details and is equipped InterMountain Precision Wheelsets and metal operating couplers.

ADVANCED RESERVATION - Evans 100 Ton Coil Cars

We have begun the Advanced Reservation period for the HO Evans Coil Car.  There are nine paint schemes and eight of them are being produced for the first time by InterMountain.  Each item will be offered with six prototypical road numbers.  All models will be equipped with InterMountain Precision Metal Wheelsets and metal operating couplers. These cars were used in exchange service across the country so there is something for everyone.

Show Time - Trainfest

Our next major show will be Trainfest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on November 12-13.  The show appears to be coming back strong after missing two years.  We expect a large crowd and hope you will be able to attend and drop by the InterMountain booth to visit with us!  See you there!

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